I am a postdoctoral researcher at MIT's computer science department, supervised by Vinod Vaikunthanathan. My research to date has focused mostly on lattices and computational problems on lattices, but I am also interested in theoretical computer science and cryptography more broadly.

I received my PhD from NYU’s Courant Institute, advised by Professors Oded Regev and Yevgeniy Dodis. Before MIT, I was a postdoc at Princeton’s computer science department and a visiting researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study’s math department---both as part of the Simons Collaboration on Algorithms and Geometry.

My email is noahsd (at) gmail (dot) com.


Selected Talks

(A much more complete list of talks is available in my CV.)

  • "A simple proof of a reverse Minkowski inequality." IAS Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Seminar, April 2018. (youtube)
  • "Quantitative Hardness of CVP." Princeton theory lunch, September 2017. (youtube)
  • "A Reverse Minkowski Theorem." Invited by TCS+, March 2017. (youtube)
  • "Message Transmission with Reverse Firewalls---Secure Communication on Corrupted Machines." CRYPTO, 2016. (youtube)
  • "Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls." NYU Cryptography Reading Group, February 2016. (slides)
  • "Solving SVP in 2^n Time Using Discrete Gaussian Sampling." Invited by Simons Institute Cryptography Program, July 2015. (youtube)
  • "How to Eat Your Entropy and Have It Too--Optimal Recovery Strategies for Compromised RNGs." CRYPTO, 2014. (youtube)
  • "The Halting Problem, Incompleteness, and the Limits of Mathematics." cSplash (a lecture series for high school students), April 2014. (youtube)
  • "The FM-Index." Invited by Seven Bridges Genomics, January 2014. (youtube)
  • "What Makes Poker Awesome (and Deep)?" Invited by NYU Game Center, March 2013. (youtube)